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We are convinced that you deserve the best customer experience regardless of the product or service you’re going to purchase. The last thing you want to happen to you is […]

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We are convinced that you deserve the best customer experience regardless of the product or service you’re going to purchase.

The last thing you want to happen to you is ending up with a poor quality product. When it’s a soft drink, you run absolutely no risk — you just waste your money and time. But when it comes to a paper for your high school or college, you may face more serious problems — getting a poor grade, failing to pass the module, or being accused of plagiarism if you hand in an inferior product.

That is why many students resort to ordering their papers from academic writing services. But sometimes what you hoped to be your salvation could turn into your downfall.

So when choosing a top essay writing service, you shouldn’t ignore our recommendations. We strongly advise you to check out more than one company and carefully scrutinize their reviews.

If you are looking to buy an essay from the EssayPro writing service company, read this review before placing an order with them. We will provide you with some non-biased information, which is based on our own experience. We put in an order with their agents to make sure they deliver on their promises, and we’re eager to share our findings with you.

Types of Writing Services Offered

This company has a wide range of services, including writing, rewriting, editing, and proofreading. They can give you a hand with:

  • Custom essay
  • Research paper
  • Dissertation
  • Admission essay
  • Annotated bibliography, and many more.

Also, they assist with homework assignments on various subjects.

As our review is indicating, EssayPro is capable of delivering different types of academic solutions to the customers.

Quality of Papers

The company claims that it only hires native English speakers. Every essay writer on its staff is expected to complete assignments of any difficulty. So, we put in an order for an essay with a 12-hour deadline. We explained that we didn’t have access to a PC and wouldn’t be able to check it. Therefore, we expected to get an error-free and high-quality paper written by a professional writer. The support agent assured us that they are the best custom writing service out there and that there’s no task they could fail.

We do not know what went wrong, but they missed the deadline by 1.5 hours. But the fact that they missed the deadline was nothing compared with the number of mistakes we found in the essay.

Other customers also complain about similar issues. It makes us think that our case was not a coincidence and that that’s the way the company deals with its customers. They do not deliver on their promises and waste their clients’ precious time.

ER-essaypro - review

Guarantees & Discounts

EssayPro offers bonuses of up to 30% on each order. They’ll be automatically available to you after placing an order that has more than one page. What it means is that you play the Russian roulette and are not at all guaranteed to get a discount you’re counting on. While the majority of companies provide their customers with first-order discounts, EssayPro will hardly give you such an option.

What About Prices?

They have three payment options:

  • Visa
  • American Express
  • Master Card

That’s not much to go on, but the main payment methods, except for Pay Pal, are available.

The company has a bidding system. It means that the writers are at liberty to set the final price, and you can never predict how much you’re going to get charged for your order. The company’s calculator is useless because it shows only minimum prices for a one-page paper. What really happens is that their writers bid whatever sum they want, and there’s nothing you can do about it. Despite the prices on their home page looking attractive, it’s merely a trick designed to make potential customers want to order a paper. Once they do, they’ll be charged any amount of money for their assignments. One gets the feeling that the customers’ financial capabilities are not being taken into consideration at all here.

Wrapping It Up

Essay Pro is a provider of a wide range of services. It’s a bidding platform that doesn’t have fixed prices. That fact alone is enough to make potential customers think twice before placing their orders on this platform. The trouble is that you never know how much you’re going to pay even at the order placement stage.

Our own experience was quite a negative one. We got a writer who was not competent enough and failed to come up with an essay within the required time limits. In our opinion, it damages the reputation of the company and can put off potential clients.

Taking into account the issues we’ve had with our order, we think that there are better services on the market. Therefore, the conclusion of our review is that we advise you to order your paper from another, more reputable company.

Elena Herrera

“I doubted writing services a lot, but turned out to be very good. They deliver quite relevant papers and have a revision option that is convenient for someone as picky as I am.”

Caoimhe Santana

“Glad to find this service because I can finally take a breath between classes and work. Can’t be sure about other assignments these guys provide, but their essays are quite nice! Haven’t got anything lower than B with them.”

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